Friday, February 11, 2011

T-shirt refashion--the beginning of 'Frugal Fridays'

Aren't you EXCITED?! First clothing refashion on ze blog. Whee! Every Friday I will post something refashioned (and brag about being frugal). To kick it off I made a baggy, red t-shirt somewhat in the style of this:
Ain't it gorgeous??
I apologize for the boxers. I was just about to go to sleep and am too lazy to change into real pants.
....into a halter top, and yesterday in honor of Valentine's Day I sewed on a heart applique. You can't see it in the photo but the stitching is actually done with pretty turquoise thread that me likey :). For clarity, I handsewed it. The sewing machine still refuses to work.
It was pretty easy to make the top--I chopped off the sleeves and used one strip of fabric from a sleeve to gather the backs of the now-tank-top straps & tie them in a knot. If that doesn't make sense I apologize.....I'm posting this pretty late. SLEEEEP is calling to me.
good night and happy shirt refashioning!
<3 kai

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