Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scarfin' it up

Aside from being in love with my glue gun and in a difficult relationship with my sewing machine, I also like to knit. It's very calming when I'm freaking out about a test and a good thing to multitask with (knit and watch TV, knit and read, knit and listen to the teacher etc). All this week I was working on something I thought was going to be a scarf but could also be a belt. On the edge of your seat for a photo? Here it is!
Worn as a scarf. Please excuse the bad school uniform.

And as a belt. Rainbows rule!
If anyone wants to know how to make a scarf-belt hybrid, it's really very easy. Just cast on 10 stitches and alternate 1 row knit/1 row purl until it's long enough. Now you have an even better response for when people ask you where you got your clothes. Instead of saying "I got it in Paris," you can confidently purr "I made it."
Bonjour! Baguette! (those are the only French words I know)

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