Saturday, February 12, 2011


I really love Burdastyle's coffee date dress! I'm currently working on a dress for my school charitable fashion show (with the lovely CB as my model, strike a pose dahhling)
In case you were confused, this is not actually her.
What, no smiles? Are you mad because I thought you looked like a tanned version of Robert Pattinson who actually uses a hairbrush? Ok, I'll stop talking to the picture now.
Anyhoodle......I'm a little nervous about Burdastyle because I'm just a beginner sewer and regular patterns bamboozle me as it is. I'm also a bit iffy about using a pattern that came from the internet and was printed out of my testy printer. Does anyone have any tips?

In other news....
Jennifer, you're a genius!
SO PRETTY! SO PRETTY!! Click here for the full story. Now I'm inspired! Expect to see some lamp love soon.
<3 kai

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