Sunday, February 27, 2011

savvy sunday

well hello thar....
sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I've been super busy with my dress for the fashion show!! Pics are coming soon, I promise. I'll post a sneak peak when I finish the accessories. :)
also I don't think this frugal friday is working so well....maybe it'll just have to turn into savvy saturday. 
anyway, my savvy tutorial for today isn't very exciting but it will probably come in handy. I like to call it the sweater-rescue tutorial.
It all started with another garment from my days of yore (third grade). It is a very cozy warm stripy knit cardigan that used to be a coat when I was 2 feet shorter. Behold!!

sorry for the terrible quality. My camera was being feisty. I think its on a weird setting.  I'm bad with machines (can you tell?).
 And that's another thing that prevented me from posting. My camera's on this weird setting where there's a long exposure (I think that's what its called) and the shutter doesn't snap close immediately, it takes its own sweet time. Basically it turns everything really blurry. If you know how to fix this please leave a comment.
The main problem with this sweater was not the fit (surprisingly it fit pretty well....the sleeves weren't even short on me!), it was a big ole tear along one of the sleeve seams.
Close-up of the damage

The damage, only less blurry and yellowish
 I used this really complicated and technical method to sew it up. There was a lot of fancy equipment involved.
-yarn (embroidery floss works too)
Basically, I tied the yarn to one of the loose stitches that used to be sewn together in the seam. Then I wove my yarn through the loose end stitches. For all you knitters out there it's exactly like stitching up the back of a hat.  Don't be afraid to pull the stitches a little wider so you can get the yarn through. You're really supposed to use an embroidery needle or something for this kinda stuff and you'll probably get a tighter seam with it, but fingers work fine.
Mad repairing skills in action!

As I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my camera, I snapped a couple shots of my cat Dervela as she dozed on the bed.

Close-up of my sleepy kitty
 And ze result??
Surgery successfully completed.

My glamorous model pose. The camera's still acting wonky.
Wahoo! Hope this helps you take your ripped sweaters out of the box in the attic!
<3 kai

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