Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hey guys! This post is brought to you by procrastination, inc. Remember these green socks (the blue-er ones)? Well, I have actually finished them a long time ago and have made tons of other things since then. But I'm only now explaining why I made them.
A few months ago my uncle got very sick. He's better now, but we were all very worried and you know what happens when you put "worried" and "knitter" in the same sentence? Socks happen. I don't know his head size, sweaters take too long, ditto for scarves, but socks? Everyone needs socks. Besides, socks are cozy and comforting. It would be him and the socks against whatever nasty thing was marauding around.
 Surprisingly I even finished on time although ends were woven in minutes before I dropped them off. I have several assurances that they are a manly color, although my uncle is manly enough to brave feminine footwear. That's what real men do. What was I talking about?
yarn: cascade 220 heathers in "Dark Spruce," pattern: basic socks in worsted-weight yarn
Oh yeah, the socks. I think he likes them. I'm glad they fit.
Here's to wearing them out and many more pairs of socks to come.
<3 Maggie

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting; I just returned to the land of internet yesterday. It turns out I can go three days without internet before the twitching and paranoia starts. Then I get distracted by Christmas. How was your holiday?
Happy New Year! Today is the first day of 2012. So far, it doesn't feel like the world is ending. I'm pretty sure the Mayans just said that because they ran out of room. Be not afraid.
Charge bravely onward my friends. Bravely on.
<3 Maggie