Monday, January 31, 2011

First Post & a Heartfelt Project

Woohoo! First post. To kick off ThreadHead, I'm going to do something easy, fun, Valentine-themed, and filled with delicious things. Yep, a chocolate box. If store-bought cardboard boxes just don't do it for you, here's how to decorate your very own.
Stuff you'll need:
-hot glue gun
-box--my box was already plushified but if yours isn't you can hot glue felt or fabric to it before you begin.

For this project, I did a couple of hearts. You don't have to; you can make anything you want. Anyhoo, I just cut these hearts freehand but if you want to make more complicated shapes you can draw it out on the felt sheet, probably on the side you don't want the world to see. Then arrange the shapes on the box however you want. Sometimes (like here) it's cool to have the shapes not confined to the top of the box.

I also added little highlights to tie the colors together and make it more prettyful.
Now all that's left is to hot glue them down. Happy very early Valentine's Day!