Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i'll post pics

Yeah, ok, I'm still bitter about that keyword. Go ahead, search this blog on the internet. In fact go do that right now. It makes me feel more famous. But, you guys, I'm not this much of a procrastinator in real life!
well, this post here today is to write a procrastination wrong so long ago you guys probably don't remember it (good! so I don't have to?) Remember when I took those horrible photos of my dress? And then assured you guys that I'd find better ones? (that was back in March, its ok if you don't). Well....now I did. I found better ones. And here they are!
My beautiful model CB and our friend LB, also in the fashion show!

Look at your god. Then at those feathers. Then at your god. Then at those feathers. Not sure if I did that right but you can join me in worshipping Mood Fabrics anyways.
have a fabulous (and by fabulous I mean FABULOUS, DAHHLING) holiday everyone!
<3 Maggie

Saturday, May 28, 2011

taste the rainbow

No, I'm not getting paid by skittles. I'm getting paid by my friend to promote her awesome baking skillz. Just kidding. I'm getting paid in cupcakes. Cupcakes are better than money anyway.
You're probably wondering if I'm insane. You know, I wonder that too. Most of the time I try not to think about it though because if I did I'd probably check myself into a mental hospital. Anyhoozie, my friend Damien-Bellatrix(she wishes)-Joop-(my name for her)-Jane-(yes, the polygamist) is a rad baker and she and her girlfriend Viktor Olivie (I'm kidding you guys. Her name is Lauren) baked cupcakes! And not just any cupcakes. RAINBOW cupcakes. Hence the title of this rambly post. Its finals week, guys. Don't judge me!

These are the romantic messages she gives to her girlfriend. Kidding. This is her edible suicide note.
 You know better than to take me seriously by now, right?
Rainbow awesome explosion RIGHT HERE! And she managed to make the frosting black, an accomplishment!

The professional bakery box of awesomeness, brought to you by Steve Madden.

One of these cupcakes had a toothpick inside because Damien-Bellatrix is practicing her assassin skillz. But then we put the cupcakes in the microwaves and the toothpick one almost caught on fire....
can we hear a WOOT-WOOT for the dynamic duo of emo rainbow awesomeness??
another cupcake, another week day hour
<3 Maggie

**note: this post has Jane's seal of approval!**

**new note and then I'll leave you alone: my only search keyword is 'ill post pics'. Oh dear, am I really that much of a procrastinator? I'm working on it, guys**

Friday, May 13, 2011

a bunch of random pretty stuff

sorry for the lack of posts....I'm entering the Finals Are Coming Up And Everybody Better Be Studying But In The Meantime We'll Give You Tons of Homework Anyway zone. And let's not forget the pleasant final-projects-due-in-a-week deadline looming. Not much time for crafting there.
Anyway, I've been knitting two things at once--one at school (everybody's seen me be all Crazy Yarn Lady constantly running around while untangling myself from the giant wad of yarn)--and one at home. A rug and a jacket. I'll post pics when I'm finished :)
Both projects don't exactly get finished in a day, sooo to distract you I will post random pretty pictures I've been gathering for future inspiration.
The inspiration for my rug....kind of

A pretty headband!!

Something I meant to do for Easter....oh well. There's always.....uh.....summer equinox?

This would be a pretty color to dye my hair. Or at least streaks of it.

I want to make this out of a hideous old dress sitting in my closet.

THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. and I could make it out of t-shirts! It's surprising how many supersoft luxury clothes are made of jersey cotton--aka your well-worn sleep shirt.

I want a drawer like this. No, scratch that. I want a HOUSE like this.



Something I will make out of felt in the near future. Really. When I get a pillow form and some more felt. ;)

This is how I want my room to look.....now does everyone understand why I hunted all over Chinatown for paper lanterns?

I love love LOVE everything citrus right now. It's so happy and bright and....can these cookies be sitting on my table now please?
This is a really long post but I also feel the need to introduce everyone to a phenomenon known as googlewhacking. People may say its for losers with no life but they are wrong. It's excellent distraction therapy.
Exhibit A: I'm writing a paper and I have writers block. I googlewhack 'crapulent jesus', get 52,000 results, marvel at how much Jesus must have drank at the last supper*, and suddenly I am hit by a divine burst of inspiration!

*contrary to popular belief, 'crapulence' is actually some disease from drinking too much I think. That didn't sound so firm but it has to do with drinking, not pooping. I am sure of that.