Saturday, May 28, 2011

taste the rainbow

No, I'm not getting paid by skittles. I'm getting paid by my friend to promote her awesome baking skillz. Just kidding. I'm getting paid in cupcakes. Cupcakes are better than money anyway.
You're probably wondering if I'm insane. You know, I wonder that too. Most of the time I try not to think about it though because if I did I'd probably check myself into a mental hospital. Anyhoozie, my friend Damien-Bellatrix(she wishes)-Joop-(my name for her)-Jane-(yes, the polygamist) is a rad baker and she and her girlfriend Viktor Olivie (I'm kidding you guys. Her name is Lauren) baked cupcakes! And not just any cupcakes. RAINBOW cupcakes. Hence the title of this rambly post. Its finals week, guys. Don't judge me!

These are the romantic messages she gives to her girlfriend. Kidding. This is her edible suicide note.
 You know better than to take me seriously by now, right?
Rainbow awesome explosion RIGHT HERE! And she managed to make the frosting black, an accomplishment!

The professional bakery box of awesomeness, brought to you by Steve Madden.

One of these cupcakes had a toothpick inside because Damien-Bellatrix is practicing her assassin skillz. But then we put the cupcakes in the microwaves and the toothpick one almost caught on fire....
can we hear a WOOT-WOOT for the dynamic duo of emo rainbow awesomeness??
another cupcake, another week day hour
<3 Maggie

**note: this post has Jane's seal of approval!**

**new note and then I'll leave you alone: my only search keyword is 'ill post pics'. Oh dear, am I really that much of a procrastinator? I'm working on it, guys**

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