Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hey everyone! It's a leap day today. Is it just me or do you think you should get an extra day off for that? I mean, it's a whole extra day and it only comes around once every four years. Might as well enjoy it.
As for me, well. I'm going to celebrate my old-ladyness and spend some time with my sweater in progress and my cat. Gotta live it up while I can.

As a side effect of my busy social life I missed my poor blog's birthday. Happy birthday Threadhead, you seem so old now. My posting skills have not improved at all which is sad because I can't write reflections paragraphs about how I've grown and changed. I do think I'm a little less hyper though. Hopefully?

Speaking of birthdays, it was my cousin's birthday recently! She came out to visit, which was awesome. I knit her a scarf:
pattern: variation on the Noro scarf, yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted and some similar blue tweed that was a great Christmas present from Ireland
But the real star present was a ticket to the Oscars! She got a very nice photo of the back of George Clooney's head and generally rubbed elbows with celebrities and brought home candy. We embarrassed her and my dad beforehand by acting like proud parents on prom night.
Here's a glamour shot of her and my dad. I still think they were the best dressed couple of the night :)

You can't have that pic of George Clooney though. It's mine.

<3 Maggie

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Decisions, decisions

hey guys! Hope everyone had a great long weekend--honk if you think normal weekends should be longer! There was actually time to do stuff.
And now a lot of random things:
1. I have this little problem. Every time I walk into my local yarn shop I go straight for the Noro. I have been lusting after this scarf for an unhealthy amount of time, and each time I go in there I mean to buy the yarn for it. However, the yarn for this scarf is about $45-$50 total, and that's one expensive scarf. I always chicken out and buy something else instead, which is a vicious cycle because then I don't have money for the scarf again.
Should I do it? Close my eyes and plop down fifty buckaroos, or find a cheaper scarf to knit? It's so pretty! But my parents already think I'm insane. ._.

2. I knit Carly some gloves for her birthday. Happy birthday!! You're awesome and an amazing artist. Ha. We're not face to face so you can't get all blushy and modest about it.

3. I am considering doing some weekend outfit posts, sort of like a copout fashion blog since I wear a uniform the rest of the week. Wearing the same thing every day isn't so great for outfit posts. There are two things wrong with this. One, I would have to get dressed every weekend and remember to take a picture. Two, it sort of feels a little narcissistic. Is it something you would want to see? I could make it more entertaining, like wearing my 3-D dolphin visor out in public and taking candid photos of people's reactions. But that seems like a lot of work.

How bout it?
<3 Maggie

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey, everyone. Sorry I've been gone for so long! I've been so busy with school and sort of everything in general. Please bear with me.
On the bright side....I'm considerably faster at knitting now, and I have tons of projects and FOs (finished objects) to show you! I even used my real camera this time. I know you guys are positively peeing your pants with excitement over that.

I actually have lots more, but they're presents so I'm holding out on you until the people get their gifts.

Pattern: A simple circle scarf from my head. Yarn: Something random and gold. And acrylic. 
This is for the trade fair at school. It's basically where you bring stuff you've made and sell it to the eager masses. Like a real live Etsy for high schoolers. I'm doing it with knitting club, although my friend Morgan is crocheting cats for it. That sounds crazy but I swear it's not. They are super adorable.

pattern: Robin's Egg Blue hat, yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease chunky in charcoal. 
This is random because I thought the pattern was pretty. It's up for grabs, but you have to suck up to me for it. Maybe send cookies. As you can see, I still need to weave in the ends and find a button. I like it though. It's sort of vaguely vintage.
pattern: from my head. yarn: stolen from the knitting club grab bag
This is a purse-to-be. It needs a strap and a button. I'm thinking silver for the button (maybe something cool like an owl), but somebody said pink or red. So now I'm conflicted.
The pattern's really easy. In fact I'll give it to you now, since you're all being so good and haven't abandoned my blog to a slow and lonely death (like I did). This one's for trade fair and will soon be joined by fellows in other colors. What color purses do you guys like? Suggestions?

Free Pattern: 
You'll need a ball of chunky-weight wool and size 10 knitting needles. Cast on 25 stitches, knit until you can fold it into thirds and have a good-sized purse. Cast off. Fold the rectangle into thirds. Sew the edges of two of the thirds together, leaving a flap. Buy a button and a strap. Attach them. The button will probably fit through the flap without a buttonhole--it's loose enough. Walk around feeling snazzy. Don't expect it to cary super heavy stuff, but it does stretch quite a bit and fits a lot.

pattern: from my head. Yarn: leftovers from the scarf
This is a hat in the making, also for trade fair. Two row stripes. The hipsters will be all over it. Kidding, it's too mainstream. I mean, I didn't even spin the yarn myself.

pattern: Patons Cable Cardigan, yarn: Wool unraveled from my mom's sweater. I lengthened it to make it cozier. 
These are a couple of truly awful photos of my sweater-in-progress. It's beautiful. You can't even see the cables here but I am proud of them and feel very clever, even though they're easier than they look. I am probably going to finish it in June, just in time for a huge heat wave. But I will wear it anyway. You'll be able to spot me in a crowd because I'll be the girl wearing a wool cardigan and flip-flops.

So that's it for right now. Minus the birthday presents I mentioned. And all the Christmas knitting that I forgot to photograph before I gave it away. And a couple of shirt redoes--but more on that later. Keep reading, folks. *cheesy wink*
What's up?