Friday, February 18, 2011

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG (and I don't even say OMG--it sounds so annoying and valleygirlish) MY SEWING MACHINE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!
Well....its still sewing backwards....
IT SEWS GREAT! It sews great backwards! I can sew wonderful things backwards, I can do that, yes. I LOVE YOU SEWING MACHINE THANK YOU FOR SEWING SO BEAUTIFULLY! Once I worked out some kinks....
zig-zag is Zany's best stitch. (I'm calling my machine Zany Danny for now even though I think she's a girl). See the gorgeousness:

the stitches aren't totally straight. I was too happy (no, not drunk! Get those improper thoughts out of your head, young lady).

After I worked out a kink with the straight stitch (it involves pressing the reverse lever the entire time) they were beautiful and even and gorgeous and....I HAVE A MACHINE AGAIN WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!
On to names. Zany Danielle is too weird, but I do think my machine is a girl. I'm not naming her Martha Stewart! How dare you suggest such a thing, voice in my head? This is a weird conversation.
In other news....since I have a machine again and a fabulous four-day weekend (thank you, President's Day!) you're going to see some sewing projects very soon. Remember the Anthro inspiration pics....

oh dang....I suddenly realized today was supposed to be frugal friday....well it may have to be savvy saturday!
<3 kai

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