Monday, February 28, 2011

project: t-shirt scarf!!

Remember all those baggy old t-shirts from random points in your life? Bar/bat mitzvahs....sleepaway pride....that stuff that you keep for the memories but never actually wear? Well, now it gets a second life as a scarf!
This project began as a sorry tie-dyed shirt gone wrong. And I mean wrong. I was about 10 so I didn't yet understand that purple, red, yellow, and green should never be mixed on a gray background and then hung up to drip all over the fence. *shudder* it looked like translucent puke when I was done putting my poor shirt through the wringer.
I did this project a while ago so I didn't really take a before photo or step-by-step pics, but it's super easy anyway.

This is the scarf:
Yes, my camera's still having issues.

 stuff you'll need
-an old t-shirt

That's it! You don't even have to sew anything. What I did was chop off the fabric (cutting through both layers of the shirt at once, the line doesn't need to be perfectly straight) just below the armpits. We'll use the sleeves in a later project, don't worry. Then I cut small (2" to 3") fringe on the side without the hem (the side you just cut) all the way around. Cut the fringe wider than you would think; the fabric curls inward.

 Once you have done that, you are pretty much done! If you want to you can tie 2 fringe-a-doodads together to make little tasselly knots (I did). And now you have a hip scarf that gives everything a unique touch, cost nothing, and is green besides.
have fun!!
<3 kai

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