Saturday, February 19, 2011

savvy saturday

In a fit of euphoria over a now-working sewing machine I forgot to post a frugal friday post! Bad week and already off I decided to make it savvy saturday instead :)
 I actually did make these valentines for my mom and dad but forgot to post them until now *shameful face*
I started with these:
But what's this? you cry, reeling in shock. How could such....pediatric grandma shoes....ever grace the feet of one so stylish as moi? Well the truth is, my other sandals fell apart and I bought these because they are the most comfortable shoes ever invented, like wearing slippers. Heaven! And I wore them. For about a month.
Then I looked down and realized I looked like I should be wearing a sweater with hand-knitted kittens on it.
So, the refashioning begins.

 Stuff you'll need:
-hot glue gun (of course)
-spare bit of fabric (I got a pack of these weird 2" wide fabric strips from JoAnn that I thought were fat quarters....they're pretty long, a yard or something, but you probably won't need the whole thing)
-ugly sandals in need of some TLC
-a good pair of scissors

It was a fairly easy process for impatient me. I glued and pasted, pasted and glued. And occasionally cut away the extra fabric surrounding the straps.
Fabric is down! How exciting :D

 Close up: You can also fold the extra fabric around the straps so there are no raw edges exposed. I would have done that (neater) had the fabric been a little wider.

I wrapped some fabric around the middle elastically straps but they turned out too bulky so I took them off again.

WEE! One shoe down, one to go!

 After many hot-glue burns I put the refashioned shoes on my feet right away and admired them!
Ballerina pose. Channeling Black Swan just in time for the Oscars (well, in a few weeks....)

YAAAAAAAAAAY! Wearable sandals!
A variation on this project would be to glue fabric down as a fancy new insole. There's a great tutorial for that here.
now go forth and refashion, young DIY-ers!
<3 kai

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