Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration Photos

Home sick today with a cold....I figured some pretty photos would help me feel better.
via Missoni:
Elle Magazine
Oh Missoni! If only you were a little more affordable. I love the idea of the black edging on this dress.
Elle again
 I love love LOVE this dress even if the model looks like a cross between Lady Gaga and a constipated zombie.

and Alberta Ferretti:
So romantic and flowy and pretty!

I really don't understand couture sometimes:
This model does not look happy. Not happy at all.
What happened to those pants??

Ok, moving on. The Esteemed Even-Harder-To-Spell Aquilano E. Rimondi:
Another flowy pretty spring dress! Wheee. Unfortunately temps will have to warm up a little (and I will have to win the lottery) before I can wear those.
Enjoy the pretty pictures and remember: drink lots of vitamin C and don't lick your hands after touching a stairway rail.

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