Monday, February 7, 2011

project: My Ties!

Mm, mai tais.
Just kidding! I'm underage. But I will make my ties. Hair ties, that is. Inspired by these pretties:
Anthropologie! (sorry I'm an Anthrophile :D)
I had a ton of plain pony holders lying around so I grabbed one, some beads, and my trusty glue gun.
 The end result?
 Just a quick crafty pick-me-up for a major homework night! I had this random felt flower lying around but they take five seconds to make. Just cut out five petal-shaped pieces of felt, pinch the bottom to create a curve, and stitch them together in a flower shape.

*update: I wore this to school a few days ago with my hair in a braid and got compliments and a request to make a girl one, which makes this gal very happy.

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