Monday, July 18, 2011

ravish me rainbow

hey guys!

oh boy are you in for a treat. Do you remember my friend Jane's past apperances on ze blog? Well guess what? She baked you more rainbow cupcakes and wants to share them with you!
Something magical happened. Between the space of this post and now, our swirly rainbow cupcakes grew up and organized the awesomesauce swirls into rainbow-order lines. Who knew those stoned teenage cupcakes would grow up to be responsible, SUV-driving suburban soccer mom types?

Cupcakes. Stoned teenagers. Rainbows. Was that all I wanted to say? Yes? Well then. PICTURE TIME!

a little bit of background: Jane, like AM, is an aspiring model. So these are her practice poses for when she gets her big break, catalog modeling for J.Crew.

Pose #1: You Want Some'a This, Homegirl?

Pose #2: These Cupcakes Had A Special Ingredient

Pose #3: OM NOM NOM

Pose #4: Ravish me Rainbow*
<3 Maggie

*not as creepy as it sounds, I swear. It's a lipstick color AM was making fun of at the drugstore. And it was Ravish me Red, but I didn't want to exclude all the other colors. It would hurt their feelings.

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