Saturday, July 2, 2011

a star is born

Hey everyone! How's summer treating you? It better be treating you well. Abusive relationships are never good. But, you know, if you need to talk it out with someone, I'm right here.
Do you need a vacation from your vacation?
Do you sometimes feel disappointed in yourself for not being able to shoot pillows out of your forearms? Do you wish you were a superhero minus the ridiculous long johns?
Well, I have just the thing for you! Although pillow-shooting superpowers are not guaranteed, these fabulous fingerless gloves will leave you feeling like a superhero! Below, modeling the only pair currently in existence (made by me anyway), is supermodel* AM. They were custom-made for just for her as it was the world-famous model's birthday a few days ago.
I did use a pattern for these, but it has vanished from my list of bookmarks. The invisible blog. Another simple pattern for fingerless gloves can be found here.
Below, behold AM's extreme modeling skills at our glamorous photo shoot!

Pose #1: I'm Not Flipping You Off, I Swear

Pose #2: I Can Shoot Pillows Out Of My Fists

Pose #3: Seeeeee? Magic!

Pose #4: Fourth Glass Of Wine.....Or Was It Fifth?

Pose #6: The Glamorous

Pose #7: WHAT did you say?

Pose #8: She May Look Dead, But She's Just Pretending

Pose #9: The Murderous Glare


Pose #11: The Sideways Frenchman

 The expanse of blue behind her is not, as you probably thought, the ocean. It is my room. I know, I am a girl obsessed.
*I can feel AM giving me a murderous glare through the computer. I'm just that psychic. Told you you should be a model!**
**If you didn't understand that, it's ok. Inside joke. Do you feel excluded yet?***
***I'm going to sign off before these stars get out of control.****
*****You still there?*******
********Are you still reading this?*******
*******Um, ok then. Bye.********
********That really hurt my feelings.*********
*********Oh, there you are. I feel much better now.**********
**********Thanks for not deserting me.
<3 Maggie

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