Friday, July 1, 2011

fun with polyvore: 1 piece, 4 ways

 First off, sorry for the lack of posts. I was busy knitting a friend's gift (Knitting gifts, what next? Bingo? I'm not that old, you know!). Pics are coming soon of that--I promise it's not something your grandma would wear unless you have a really cool grandma.
You've probably seen these kind of articles in fashion magazines or desperate stores that REALLY WANT YOU TO BUY THIS FABULOUS DRESS LOOK YOU CAN WEAR IT 4 TIMES WOW. Or maybe I just read weird stuff. Anyway, I was messing around on Polyvore and decided to do a 1-piece-4-ways kind of thing here!
1-piece-4-ways basically shows you how to wear an article of clothing like a dress or skirt 4 ways. Big whoop, yet surprisingly fun. It's a great way to pass the time on bus rides, airplanes, or in waiting rooms. So here we go!

Piece #1: Boyfriend Jeans
I really want a pair of boyfriend jeans. This is my way of justifying to myself that they're a good purchase. :P
Outfit #1--Have Jeans, Will Travel. Of course I name my polyvore outfits. It's the best part!

Outfit #2--New Kid on the (color)Block

Outfit #3--laid-back living

Outfit #4--His and Hers
Did you enjoy my cheesy titles? I think they'd be great on an ad somewhere.
Hope you enjoyed! Be warned, though--Polyvore is a major time-suck. It eats your hours until there is no time left in your day and you wonder, what did I do today? Oh yeah, I made virtual outfits.
Have fun!
<3 Maggie

**ooh and note: happy first day of July everyone!!!!!**

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