Sunday, June 26, 2011

mini-project: scrapbuster!

A few days ago I was forced to clean my room. Horrible, I know. But in the midst of cleaning I realized just how many fabric scraps I have floating around that I utterly refuse to get rid of because they're pretty, yet I don't know what to do with them. After I was done cleaning I messed my room up again by reading a magazine and leaving it precariously balanced on a shelf where it knocked over some origami get the picture.
But the magazine, silly as it was, had given me an idea.
Bow clips.
If you are a girly-girl like me these are the equivalent of gumdrops--sweet, unique and fun to put on gingerbread houses (well, maybe not). If you're a hipster wear them ironically. If you're punk use skull print. And if you're a hardcore nerd use them to decorate your pocket protecter. The uses for the amazing bow barrette are endless--like a plain barrette, only better. 
Some examples below:
All via Forever 21--so cheap it probably costs more to DIY, yet a rabid 12 year old grabbed the last set so I had no choice. ;)

And now some more pricey options just so I have bragging rights:

This little Chanel beauty will set you back $460. And yes, it's a hairclip. I don't even want to imagine what the shoes must cost. 

So you get the idea, right? Onward!

Stuff you'll need:
-bobby pins or clips
-little scraps of fabric long enough to tie in a bow
-hot glue gun

That's it! This project takes about 5 seconds, I promise.

1. Tie little scraps of fabric in a bow. If it's not long enough, tie in a knot and fold the ends under. Hot-glue ends to knot (this creates a prettier bow).
2. Hot-glue bows to bobby pins.
3. Wear. Say "In your face Chanel! I just saved $460!"
4. Say to parents "I just saved $460 by being crafty. Can I have that laptop now?" If it doesn't work, don't blame me.

These look too delicious for words except for the fact that I hate marshmallows.
Sorry....distracting desserts.....

Please do not wear all of your happy clips at the same time. They get jealous of each other. I only did this so I didn't have to take three photos :P

sidenote: I just discovered this nifty thing called labels. I'm going to use it from now on. I feel like everybody but me knows what it does but hey, can't hurt right? Unless it helps creepers find my personal info. That would be bad. It probably doesn't, though. I don't know any creepers that like hot glue guns.

That my friends is a scary peek inside my mind.

<3 Maggie

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