Sunday, June 12, 2011

travel the world

Hey guys! sorry for the minor hiatus-I was on an adventure trip in COSTA RICA!!!!! *superhappywoot* it was amazing :D. But more on that later.
The last few posts have been inspiration, random things and cupcakes which is very nice but this is supposed to be a diy blog here, right? So I came up with a solution: The Box of Old T-Shirts.
After an archaeological dig I discovered the World Strides t-shirt I was sent because I signed up for the Costa Rica trip. It had a very pretty design that I was eager to keep so I ran straight to Generation T.
I used the Shoulder Chic project, and here is the result! (it's more of a tunic and a very comfy plane outfit):
Before (and assembled materials--the toes sneaking into the picture are very important. Don't forget your toes)

design close-up!

After! As you can see, the mirror is dirty. Also hopefully as you can see the shirt turned into more of a tunic but I like it that way and it's super comfy!
Blurry and fuzzy but you guys can hopefully see what I did to the neckline....:)

Allow me to distract you with a picture of my cat.
 happy summer!!!!!
<3 maggie

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