Friday, June 17, 2011

calling all francophiles

Well, I am true to my word. I did post today.
But my tutorial is coming tomorrow. Because I attempted to sew and my sewing machine is made of pure evil. It ate my bobbin, guys. And then refused to work. True, I am inept with sewing machines. But still.
So, because I am an ambitious person who wanted to do something besides t-shirts, I'm currently sewing a skirt by hand. This skirt will not be machine washable unless you have a working machine, in which case I envy you greatly. 
Moving on.
I don't know why but I'm obsessed with French style right now. The black and white stripes, pleated midi skirts, pops of red and all around effortless chicness are really inspiring. (Paris, here I come!). Here are some inspiration photos--been a while since we had a good drool session.

via What I

Pleated skirts will never go out of style, and they're so soft and romantic! I'm officially obsessed.

via What I Wore again-that girl is so stylish and talented! She makes a lot of her own dresses.

I am loving the black and white stripes with a pop of red combo right now. More examples below:
via Kendi Everyday--the blog I read when I'm stressed out or need inspiration. Keep being stylish! :)
 Oh-so-effortless yet pulled-together is another thing I like about French style.
via Kendi Everyday
 Here's another example of black, white, and red all over. I also love the glasses with this outfit--to all you gorgeously glassed gals, put away your contacts and rock a pair of chic frames! They look great with everything and add instant pop. (Jane, Carly....this means you!)
Kendi Everyday again

Anyone else a francophile around here, or is it just me?

(Oh, and if anybody French is reading this....let's trade closets :)
<3 Maggie

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  1. I actually love all the interpretations of this look that I've been coming across. I feel like I need to go find myself a great striped shirt!