Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(re)design your summer week: tees in tatters

Hey, everyone! Miss me?
Our project for today will involve another t-shirt (I'll do something without them! I swear!). As always, I was searching for inspiration the other day with Jane and Carly when I stumbled upon the most perfect tank top. It came with a less-than-perfect price tag, however, and I knew I could make it myself.
Pretty? Very. Worth $78? Naah.
 So without further ado, here's how to make your very own!

Before: Yet another tie-dyed victim of the third grade.

 Things you'll need:
-an old t-shirt (L or XL at least--the bigger the shirt the longer and more fabulous the fringe)
-a good pair of scissors (I use dressmakers scissors, but regular ones work too--just make sure they're sharp!)

That's it! No bleaching, sewing, or even hot-glue-gunning.

1. Lay the shirt flat and cut out the sleeves and neck band just behind the seams.
2. Cut the neckline into a generously sized oval. Thin the straps so they're about the width of 3 fingers.
3. Cut down the sides, from armhole to hem.
4. Cut thin, small strips (about the width of a pinky) all the way down the side of your shirt.

Close-up of the strips
 5. Tie the strips together and tug on the tied ends a little. This will make the fabric curl up and become thinner and longer.
I snapped this picture halfway through, when I tried it on. You can vary the tightness of the shirt depending on how deep into the fabric you cut your strips. Oh, and excuse the boxers. Today was a pajama day.
 6. Do the same to the other side.

Random kitty picture. Sorry, I had to. What else is a gal to do while her fluffy kitten is sleeping beside her as she works?

 7. Put on and admire. Strut it like you mean it.

 This started out as a copycat of the free people top, but it kind of turned into my own thing along the way. I like both versions but since mine was $78 less, I'll stick to it! (and that's $5 a use of this tutorial. Kidding!)
Wear this to a concert, to the beach, or to your father's corporate party if you want to be really edgy and shocking.
<3 Maggie

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