Sunday, July 3, 2011

(re)design your summer: bandanna bow bracelet!

Try saying that five times fast.

For my fellow U.S. citizens, this project can also work as a 4th of July project. For the out-of-country readers-make one anyway! They're fun, and not all bandannas are red and navy.

I have a large supply of bandannas from various events--prairie-themed dances, school events where they wanted to keep track of us, camps....I probably have about four or five lonely bandannas wasting away in my scrap bag. And I knew I was never going to wear them unless another square dance rolled around (which I sincerely hope it does not). seeing all the gorgeous bow bracelets on the market, I decided to make my own! And now I don't have to buy these shoes to be patriotic:
Designed for Betsey Johnson here, not sure where you can buy them though.....
Yeah, I think my bracelet does the trick unless you are extremely patriotic or a hipster. If you are a hipster can I borrow your moody scarves sometime? 
 Anyway, on to the tutorial!

Stuff You'll Need
-two bandannas, different colors

That's it! One bandanna makes a LOT of bracelets so that's your Christmas presents covered and it's only July. Aren't I efficient?
1. Make sure the bandanna wraps around your wrist. If it does cut three skinny strips out of one and braid them. If it does not cut out six skinny strips and join each strip together so there are three. Then braid them. And so on. This can also work as a belt.
2. Cut a medium-sized rectangle out of your second bandanna, depending on how large you want the bow to be. Cut another strip of your first bandanna and use it to tie the rectangle to the braid, bunching the rectangle in the middle to create a bow effect. Tie the ends of the braid together and wear! Bandannas are fairly stretchy but if you're concerned about getting your bracelet off again make sure you can untie your knot!
3. Make a splash! This is not a bracelet to be ignored.

Happy (early) 4th of July everyone!

<3 Maggie

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