Sunday, July 17, 2011

these boots were made for blogging

hiya everyone! what's up?
Apologies for being AWOL this last week. I'm so bad about posting regularly....and add to that our internet was on the fritz and too slow to make loading pictures worth it, and you get a very lazy Maggie who neglects her blog and can't get her daily fill of Kendi Everyday.

So anyway. I'm here to bore everybody by talking about shoes. I have long scoffed at the wayward fellows among us who love shoes. I myself had an aversion to shoes and would wear nothing but sneakers and occasionally just dirty socks. Flats if my mother could force me into them (my less stylish younger self frequently committed the *cue horror movie music* sandals with socks crime but she was 7 so I'll forgive her). But recently I've ignored my balance problems and gone for the wedge heel. And I love it. And now wedge heels have given me new confidence and faith in shoes and I find myself coveting several different types.
Sigh, if only we didn't have school uniforms....
There are three types of shoes I am coveting right now (because I know you all care). CB you are right now in a position to score some very fine shoes so if you are reading this....*hint, hint*. :P


(all via Forever 21)

Unfortunately I don't think we're allowed to wear these shoes to school, however well they may go with our uniforms. Therefore they are for weekends and breaks only :(. Other things we're not allowed to wear although they go with our uniforms: bright colors, ivory socks, unicorns and smiles. Only one of those things is a lie. You decide which one (hint: it's not the socks)

floral espadrilles:

via Forever 21

You already have floral wedges Maggie! cries my more responsible side. Au contraire--I have wedges with a fabric flower on the toe. I do not have floral-print fabric wedges. And mine aren't espadrilles. There's a difference. 

tall boots:

all via target
Sadly I no longer own a good pair of tall boots having outgrown my metallic gold Fuggs (fake uggs). They were fabulous let me tell you. But I'll settle for vegan-leather boots, those are quite nice too. Knee-high or midcalf, I am loving me a comfy pair of tall boots!

What is the one (or more) type of shoe that you're coveting right now? 

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