Thursday, July 21, 2011

(re)design your summer: go with the flo

 .....and by flo, I mean Flo, as in a dreamy aunt named Florence who lives alone with her paintings in a chic flat in Italy and sends fancy chocolates to her nieces and nephews for Christmas, whom I imagine owned this shirt.
I'm wearing shorts under this guys, promise

And then I saw my neighbor looking out his window watching my dad take photos of me in the kitchen. So--naturally--I blushed tomato red and ran into the living room. Hence the awkward smile.

I kid, you guys. It belonged to my mom. And then she gave it to me (actually, I snatched it from the Goodwill bag). Maybe this is a sign that we should move to Italy and eat fancy chocolates?
I'm going off on a tangent here. This happens often when I wear soft and/or silky fabrics. I feel so romantic and dreamy. And then people look at me funny when I try to recite sweet love poems in my own ear (I bet you just tried that, didn't you?).

So. To business. This shirt wasn't bad to begin with, very good quality and nice fabrics. In fact all it needed was some rolling-up-the-sleeves action, my t-shirt maxi skirt and voila, new blouse!

I could have done so many things with this shirt. I stashed it in my refashion drawer for months, pondering what to do with it. Skirt? Dress? Tighter shirt? In the end, due to my doubtful sewing skills and complete lack of experience with silky fabrics I just embraced the shirt and went with the flow.
     This Zen attitude may or may not have been because I spent the morning surfing and have truly spectacular wetsuit tan lines to show for it (that and a Zen attitude). I bet you wish you could have seen me running at an enormous wave about to break on my head, clutching my surfboard bravely and screaming "CHAAAAAAAAARGE!" You'll just have to come surf with me then, won't you?

<3 Maggie

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