Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Overload

Greetings, earthlings. Right now I could just as well be a martian, since apparently the only color I wish to knit is green. I finished green socks (they're out of state right now and can't take a photo), but I've been knitting a green feather and fan scarf in secret.....only during school, so it's still not done. That has been dragging on for weeks. Maybe I'll even take a picture of it soon.  Anyway, my wonderful father and grandfather gave me the best birthday present one can give to a knitter....a pick-yer-own-yarnfest. I go to the yarn sale and what do I get? MORE GREEN YARN. (It's very pretty green yarn, Cascade 220 in "Dark Spruce", but that's beside the point. It's green). I want to make that Patons Cable Cardigan with it but there is a limit to how much green I can stand.....
So friends, you'll surely not judge me for being won over by some Noro and starting a hat.
Yarn is color 84, beanie pattern can be found here, and I take back anything I've ever said about Noro yarns. It's gorgeous and more importantly, its not green. 
 I'm sure I'll be back to green things soon .
oh, and happy Halloween everyone!
<3 Maggie

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