Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 things I love about fall

1. The changing leaves and all the fall colors everywhere
2. The way you do not look insane for knitting a sweater
3. The crisp weather that is cool, but not as cold (or rainy!) as winter
4. My birthday!
5. Halloween and Thanksgiving
6. Pumpkins and anything you can do with them--pie, soup, jack-o-lanterns!
7. The feeling of coziness everywhere
8. Making enormous leafpiles
9. Hot tea makes even more sense
10. Apples!

  I finished this picture in art class recently. I found a decorative photo of some apples in my knitting book, Vintage Modern Knits. They looked so pretty I just had to paint them. Now I'm hungry for apples--apple cider, apple pie, and an apple tree!

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