Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've Got a Big Ball of Greyness

And I'm Going to Wind it All Somehow, Oh Yes.....
nobody know that song but me? Good. It will infest your brain and never come out. That's my strange Maggie way of saying I wound the entire. gray. cardigan. Remember that picture of the sleeve from a while back? Multiply that by eight because I'm too lazy to take a photo.
Eight skeins. Lots of dust and yarnlets. I got to try out my Soak wool wash for the first time--it smelled delicious. They all air-dried until my family got annoyed at me for reaching for a towel and grabbing a skein of yarn by accident (I hung them in the bathroom. It had hooks). So I slung them over the end of my bed. I realize I sound insane.
Now I must wind it. Luckily I found this neat tutorial on how to wind balls without a ball winder on the great wide internets. The purpose of a ball winder sounds really stupid until you realize how smart it is. The balls pull from the center so they don't go bouncing everywhere (get your mind out of the gutter). Oh, that reminds me. Ana saw a whirling swift at a yarn shop the other day. Do you think it will be enough to convert her to Knitterkind if I tell her you can buy them and have them in your home and use them as much as your heart desires?
Yarn. Winding yarn cakes. Watch the yarn cakes. Strangely compelling.

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