Monday, October 24, 2011

Two-Timer: Dabbling in Crochet

 Apologies for yesterday's post, which didn't really make any sense. I was super tired. (This is zombie Maggie. Never disturb her). Um.....the gist of the matter was I am winding yarn balls on toilet paper rolls. Now, onto less confusing subjects.

This week, I had my first crochet lesson/club meeting where I actually got crochet (I lied. That was a few weeks ago but I'm only just now posting this). I can't say I'm good at it or even passable but I understand now how to do it. Knitting is always my first and only, but crochet--crochet is speedy gonzales! (No, autocorrect, not speedy gondolas). I'm making a lil purse bag thing out of some yarn that's been lying around for ages:

It was my 4th try. Don't tell anyone. I like my crochet skills to look effortless.
In other news? It's my birthday soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Maggie

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