Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring has sprung!

It's official: spring is finally here! Where I live it's been raining like crazy these past few days and now it's spring break! Sorry for the lack of posts now and the lack of posts to come--I probably won't be able to write so often. Anyway. I am knitting yet another useful item (not a hat!) that I'll show you guys when I come back. For now enjoy these pretty spring pictures!
This would be the perfect Easter card if you celebrate. If not send it as an April Fools card.
 Speaking of April Fool's day, to my friends who watch this blog: Be Prepared. Last year AM and I sent the Smiley Cat song to peoples' voicemails, so be warned.
You haven't heard the smiley cat song?! Surely you josh. It's ok though, you can watch it right here. Anyway. Onward.

I read a hilarious article that said fruit was very 'in' for spring and decided that this stylish $100 piece (called on Modcloth the 'Blushing Banana' dress) would 'go perfectly with anything.' The day has finally come when you can wear banana dresses in public without being ridiculed (by the STYLISH among us, anyhow). I want one of these now. They also offered banana necklaces as an accessory.
 To finish off this stylish slip you of course need makeup:
I've always wanted my lips to look like a bee. I think these were made by Michelle Phan's less mainstream twin.
 And don't forget shoes!
happy spring everyone!

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