Wednesday, March 16, 2011

project: (Irish) Tee Time!

It's tea time, everyone! Ring the bells, get out the scones and butter and don't forget your Irish teabags! Today we're dealing with a whole nother class of tee--THE BLAH KIND (oh no!)
I had this shirt sitting around from a couple St. Patrick's Day's had a funny saying on it (you'll see in a mo) but other than that it was nothing....remarkable. And I like my wardrobe to be remarkable. Stupid me forgot to take a before shot (I was caught up in the moment!) but it looked something like this:
A lime green shirt with a better phrase than this one. Also, I'm not blond and thirtyish (at least I wasn't the last time I checked)
So I got my hands on this great book that I can't stop reading--seriously, this woman is amazing!
This is my new favorite book <3
I used project something-or-other, called Ties to Die For. And the outcome was....

Irish girls have more fun--yes they do!
 My kitty cat snuck into the shot :) she's such a glamorous model! She wasn't even supposed to be outside because yesterday she 'lost' her collar--for the 3rd time!
Close up on the clever catchphrase--and the delicious shamrock cookie I'm enjoying. I love those Pilsbury ready-to-bake cookies! "Wow, how did you get the picture on the cookie? Did you make these yourself?" "Why yes, I baked them myself...."

Now it's more like a 2-leaf clover!
If you don't have a St. Patrick's day tee you can still make this project and applique a shamrock onto it, a la the first t-shirt project I posted on here.
Happy St Patrick's day and don't forget to wear green tomorrow!
<3 kai

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