Monday, March 14, 2011

the fruits of my labor!!!!!

YIPPEEEEEEEE! The school fashion show was yesterday and now y'all finally get some pictures!
(or not. my camera was being STUPID again). I mainly got pictures of blurs and I can't find the professional shots. They'll be up in a few days; I'll post 'em in. For now you get to see the blurriness.
The show was held at a very glamorous undisclosed location. I was allowed to futz with the dress backstage and had a minor feather emergency that was solved with a barrette and some eyelash glue. Then they kicked me out. I wandered around purposelessly (is that a word?) and sat down in the cheap seats to watch the run-through. Yes, I sat in the back of a fashion show I was in. I didn't have a spare $95 to pay for front-row. Although even that seems like a good deal beside the dude who paid $2000 for a couple of auctioned parking tickets. Hey, it goes to charity. :)
The show began with school uniforms through the ages. It makes me almost grateful for ours. Basically from the 50s to the 80s they went overboard with color and had pastel dresses in every color of the pastel rainbow. Then they sobered up, fired the people who designed the Easter egg uniforms (I hope....) and banned all color.
Exhibit A: the minty green blur
since I was in the back you couldn't see it all....but it was a midcalf-length shirtdress.
Exhibit B: the pastel purple blur
This terrible picture makes the model look like Casper the Friendly Easter Ghost. Same idea, shorter dress.
AND ZEN.....
MAI DRESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

see that whitish blur? that's her! gahh cameraaaa
A less than flattering pic of her backside. You can't even see the feathers! 

I did get some paparazzi shots with the model backstage :D they're still  blurryish though.
YAAAAY! YAAAAAY! DRESS! ITS THE FIRST DRESS I'VE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE! sorry I'm being really hyper and happy right now--even though I didn't win! I did get a blurryish shot of the design that did win:
it had vertical ruffles
and now back to mine

her model glam pose
weehoo! more pics coming soon
<3 kai


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