Saturday, March 5, 2011

sneak peak!

know how I said I would give you a sneak peak of the dress I'm making? well here it is! (and guess what? the camera's working again!!)
I finished the shoe doodads and the hair pin. Here they are in their 20s glory:
le snazzy!

close-up of the feather decorations

 Now, these are not my shoes--they belong to CB, my model/friend. Therefore I was not allowed to hot-glue anything to them. If you want to spice up your shoes but want the option of removing the decorations later, barrettes are your best friend. I glued the feathers to a matching-color barrette and clipped it to the shoe. Easy-peasy! (I guess that was my tutorial right there)

A matching pin!!

 For the pin I was a little bolder: more feathers plus some rhinestones and a confetti star left over from  our Oscars party decorations (did anyone watch the Oscars? Did anyone see Hillary Swank copy my feather skirt idea? I feel so famous and inspirational). The feathers on the shoes and pin ARE the ones I'm using for my dress! I love them. They turn all sorts of gorgeous colors in the light.

This is the well of creation, AKA the bag I use to carry my pattern and dress too and from my sewing classes. It's very messy. Wadded up in a pile by the barfing bag of pattern pieces is my dress.

Little shop of sewing goodies

close-up of the fabric!!
And this is the beloved fabric that I love so much, oh fabric may I marry you? I'll stop obsessing now.
Woohoo! So excited and nervous.
hope you enjoyed!
<3 kai

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