Monday, March 21, 2011

project: sweet treats!

Hallelujah!!!!! You know those times when you're craving sweets but too full to eat another bite? Now you can feast your eyes on a scrumptious hat of your own making. Yes, that's right friends: I finished the cupcake hat.
It looks complicated, but it's really easy to make. I knitted a ribbed* rectangle (the purple stuff), cast off, and knitted a seperate mini-hat using the same pattern for a full beanie hat, just shortened (the white stuff). You can find many patterns for this on the internet, but I used one from a book that used just straight (regular) needles. Then I sewed the two together using my genius finger method as demonstrated in the sweater rescue tutorial. Using a swell pom-pom maker, I created the cherry on top. Then using the finger method I sewed rainbow sprinkles to the 'frosting'!
This hat was a cheerful addition to yesterday's rainy afternoon (although I did get a menacing glare from a random fashionista on the street.....)
now here are some pics (taken a la photobooth, I was lazy)

Then of course I played around with the settings to make the cupcake glow with holy gloryness (is that a word? Now it is.)

I thought the picture above looked a little like I had angel wings, so I went all the way and made myself an angel/chicken hybrid

if you by any chance knit this hat, please send me a picture. We can be cupcake twins of awesomeness!

*for those of you just beginning to knit, ribbing can be created with the pattern knit/purl/knit/knit/purl/knit....

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  1. Or umm you could do it correctly and just use knit 2 stitches-purl 2 stitches-all the way across the row.....forgive me and my beginnerness.