Sunday, March 6, 2011

project: water bottle cozy

oh, coziness. don't you just love waking up in the winter and seeing the freezing cold snow outside, while you're warm and cozy in your bathrobe or sweater or scarf? 
(this kitten agrees)

so why shouldn't your water bottle have the same feeling? It's a hard life, being a water bottle. I mean, you're filled with water and ice cubes every day and you freeze your butt off and you get dropped on the ground all the time (guilty) and banged up and scratched and you don't even have a sweater to make you feel better (and to save the owner's hands from frostbite)! well I was pondering this one day, and I decided to take matters into my own hands.
thus, the water bottle cozy was born!
This is really easy to knit, even for beginners like me. Cast on eighteen stitches, depending on how wide you want your cozy to be, and plain old regular knit until you can wrap your cozy around the bottle and the ends overlap an inch or two. Cast off and sew on a couple buttons. You are going to shove your buttons through the spaces in the stitches, so be sure they aren't too big.
and ta-da! a lovely warm cozy for your water bottle.

my water bottle thanks me! (and yes, I put it on the piano bench. what can I say? the table is messy and strewn with stray feathers from the dress project).

close up of the latest bottle fashions. straight from Paris!

happy knitting!
<3 kai

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