Wednesday, April 6, 2011

knitting kick!

Hello. I'm the DIYgirl and this is my first knitting-holics anonymous meeting. Lately I've been on a knitting kick. I sit down to craft something and reach for the knitting needles (this is not helped by the fact that yesterday I went to JoAnn fabrics and got different sizes of needles). So, because I seem to be creating an excess of knitted goods (and also spent all my spare cash on vacation) I've decided to maybe open an Etsy shop! More details coming soon. I must warn you though, with me:
I've decided to open an Etsy shop=six months later, I remember the great idea I had about opening a shop, knit feverishly, decide everything's too cute to part with, squirrel it away, and ignore my knitted goods' impeding sale by looking up how to actually use Etsy.

If you are confused by that paragraph, just ignore it. I'm confused by that paragraph and I wrote it. Can you tell I found a great place where taffy is $1 over vacation?
Ok. Knitting. On track.
These are some things I hope to make in the future (knitted and otherwise):
this looks so cozy and warm!

These are so awesome! Time to dig up my old stamps....

This is a very useful thing.

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