Saturday, April 9, 2011

adventures in frisco

So....firstly I apologize for the recent small blogging hiatus. I went to Avila Beach and then up to SF with my friend AM, my mom and grandma and it was awesome! Here are some pics:

The hotel in Avila we stayed at had a labyrinth--and not the Pan's Labyrinth type.
 The next day we went on an....interesting....hike that included getting lost, rollie-pollie takeovers, and a trio of concerned mothers. And we saw a lizard!
AM stole my camera and took a billion shots of this guy. She's an amazing photographer--he zipped back into his hidey-hole if we got too close.
 After that we found a great bookstore at San Luis Obispo called the Phoenix Bookstore--all used books (its the type of place where the unshelved clutter is where you will find your new favorite book). We came out of there with stacks and stacks. Then we visited a pretty mission:
 And on our way up to SF we went to an amazing farm. It had:
hungry goats,

sheep practicing for Noah's Ark,

innocent donkeys,

villainous emus (he kept moving his head out of the way!),

surprised cows,

territorial turkeys,

beautiful peacocks,
 and the best jam you will ever taste--made from a hybrid berry called an olallieberry. Then we headed up north for more adventures.
We got to SF in time to watch the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge which is not actually gold but still pretty.

The infamous mustaches-explanation below*

The Devil's Cannery-where he makes his own canned foods.

Beauty shots of the bridge

More beauty shots of the bridge. This is the most photographed bridge in the world. It is the supermodel of bridges.

Muir Woods--a beautiful national park filled with tall redwoods

and CHINATOWN! I'm not kidding-it's the best Chinatown ever.
*The first night we got there, AM and I decided that first impressions were important--so we put on fake mustaches and strolled around the city acting completely normal! It was the most hilarious thing ever. Clerks stared, boys in an obnoxious and rather stinky convertible wolf-whistled, and one man took our picture. The San Franciscans were very kind to us as nobody shipped us off to an insane asylum (yet).

oh, crazy adventure.

<3 m

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