Friday, April 22, 2011

going grassroots: a project from right here in the neighborhood

Happy Earth Day, everyone! (oh yeah, and Good Friday too. Why they call the day Jesus died 'good' is beyond me, but anyway....onward....) Sorry for the period of no posts. My thought process was: "post the new project. ehh that means I have to take a pic of me wearing it. Too lazy. Back to homework aka procrastinating."
And then I realized that I did wear it to my art class's student art show! *cue the hallelujah trumpets*
So you're probably wondering what this project is. I had a booger-colored Astrocamp shirt that had been sitting in my drawer, unworn, for about 4 years. I was starting to feel a need for new shirts so of course I flew straight to my Generation T book!
The shirt in all its boogerish glory. It was yellower in person. And the year after my class went, the t-shirts were purple. So unfair!
I knew I wanted to keep the spaceship logo on the back because it was cool so I searched through the book for a project that would preserve that!
And voila. Simple, easy, and wearable!
Please ignore the "Mommmm stop taking pictures....." face :P
A cute halter top to beat the heat!

PS....I painted the lighthouse watercolor.

happy earth day!

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