Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm Back

Hey guys, it's been a while. I have no idea where March went, but I'm harboring a suspicion that it was the same black hole that sucks up your keys and homework assignments. Sorry for the hiatus, but I'm back. (Until the finals, at least). My New Year's resolution is to post more and take more pictures of my knitting.

So what's been happening? Well, a ton. First, I finished that sweater:

pattern: Must Have Cardigan from Patons, yarn: pilfered from a sweater
Crappy photos as usual. Didn't you miss them? Sigh, I have got to get better at convincing people to take pictures of my clothing. These really don't do it's short, I am in love.

Big thing the second? I got a haircut. Just a little trim:

I love it. I also love the part where you don't have to wrestle your hair into submission every morning. It also makes me feel just a little bit chic, which is useful because usually I just look like the weird girl with yarn stuck to her pants.

Thing the third:
Yesterday this happened.

No, wait, I can explain. You see, Easter is tomorrow. (Happy Easter, guys!). So my friend Helen came over and we derped around and dyed easter eggs and there were Sharpies and what did I tell you about us and Sharpies.....and....

I made a knitting egg. Isn't it cute? (No, I don't need professional help)

My egg version of the Addams family. (Yes, the one in the back does have a girlstache). 

My friend Helen made The Hunger Games eggs. We have both seen the movie. Everyone I have talked to--me included--are still having feelings about it. What did you think of it? (And yes, the angry one is Katniss)

This is my friend Helen. I told you guys, I warned you about the Sharpies. 

And the fourth? I went on an awesome road trip. Details tomorrow....I have to leave something to blog about, after all.
How was your spring break?
<3 Maggie

P.S. I'm contemplating a daring blog background change.

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