Saturday, April 21, 2012

what's in the knitting basket?

hello, friends. I realize that I haven't posted about knitting lately, so I'm here to fix that now. Since school started up again I've mostly been knitting small, simple things that I can work on during class and cram in my backpack. (If you're a student knitter like me--some of my teachers don't let me knit in class, but most are fine with it as long as I'm paying attention). So, I finished a pair of socks for myself! They have fancy stripes and stuff so people think I'm smart, even if I tell them it's just the yarn.

pattern: basic socks, yarn: Lion Brand Sock-Ease
 I really like them, the colors are lovely and they fit perfectly. The yarn is a little bit scratchy but I think it will soften once I wash them. The company advertises that it's "finished with aloe vera" but it just feels like normal yarn to me. All in all, good price for a decent yarn.
 Next up, a sweater:
yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed color 158, pattern: Bettie's Pullover from the Winter issue of Interweave knits.
 So far? Loving this pattern. It's gorgeous, wearable, and a quick knit. The yarn is beautiful and soft, however it breaks really really easily :/. It's a bit expensive for such a fragile yarn. It's been pretty hot these past few days and it is taking a lot of self control to knit a wool sweater. I should probably work on it more, though, if I want to finish it before August.....

Last but not least, a lace scarf:
yarn: Debbie Bliss Angel color 07, pattern: Branching Out scarf,
I'm knitting this for my mom, and so far I'm really happy with how it's turning out. I haven't done much lace before (unless you count feather and fan) and mohair yarn (which this is) is really difficult to rip back if I make a mistake. These elements combined mean it demands my full attention, which is why not much of it has been knit. I still enjoy it, though.

So, that's mostly what's in my knitting basket for now. I am making a cowl, but.....
(the dots signify that I am about to sound like an idiot)
.....the zipper on my bag broke, and the cowl is stuck inside it. So I can't get at it until I fix the zipper. I suppose that's motivation, but it still irritates me.
Anyway, now I need a new project for school. I'm thinking socks again. (I am addicted to socks. I can't help it). Thoughts?
<3 Maggie

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