Sunday, April 8, 2012

Through the River and Over the Hills

Hey guys. Look, I'm posting again! Do I get a gold star?

Last time I said I'd tell you about an awesome road trip. But now I sort of wonder if you're getting bored of looking at all my vacation photos. Perhaps you're thinking angrily, "Look at this girl OUT IN THE WILDERNESS WHAT THE HECK SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE BLOGGING" so I will try to make this as entertaining as possible. See? The whole time, I was just collecting blog fodder.
So, some highlights?

This is an adorable baby cow we saw at a farm full of adorable baby animals

This is the stupidest squirrel I have ever met and also his photo refuses to rotate. He decided that under our car in the path of the wheels would be an excellent place to hide. I tried to tempt him out with a cookie bar, but he wasn't having any of it. Eventually I just had to make a scary noise. We did get some neat pictures first, though.

This is the alarm-clock turkey. It enjoyed waking us up by gobbling outside our window.

We saw some very nice deer.

We defiled an already defiled bench. We felt badly about it because we were writing weird messages and everyone else had written something profound like "Bob + Martha 4eva"

This is the pretty scenery. It was extremely windy. It almost blew Ana and me off the cliff. I mocked her for having long hair.

 A word of warning about state beaches: Park rangers are sadistic. The charming one mile hike to a beach through beautiful scenery turned out to involve wading through a freezing river that almost came up to my waist. I maintain that there is no bridge not because they couldn't build one, but because park rangers like to hide in the surrounding trees and point and laugh at us as we make up new swearwords and shriek.
There are also some pretty derpy photos of us, but you don't get to see those. My mother has a talent for pressing the button when we are making disgusting faces. Not even in a funny way...more of a vaguely confused/angry/about to sneeze way. Also a lot more stuff happened but we didn't take pictures of it. It was very fun, and I found a new yarn shop. Sadly didn't buy anything there, something I regret to the utmost. Next time, I am yours, nice yarn ladies.
I did however buy a very beautiful ball of recycled silk at a hippie gift shop/boutique thing. It is My Precious. I am thinking of making a vest.
(Also, more on the knitting later. Lots on the go)

<3 Maggie

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