Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Knitwear

BOO! did I scare you?
Whew, that was about as witty as I'm going to get today. The voices in my head certain people have been saying I don't post often enough. I am going to try to fix that now but try as I might knitting is a slow art and I don't have a single thing to show you. Wait, I do, but I don't want to find the camera. Instead let's look towards future projects!

In other news, I got a Ravelry page and I have to say, Ravelry is just about the coolest thing since merino. I have been happily zooming along collecting an indecent amount of projects in my queue, so here you go. Some things I believe it is reasonable to attempt:

These are just about the cutest things I have ever seen. They would absolutely be on my needles right this second, only I don't know how to do colorwork. The point is, if I did, these would be the mittens to knit.

French Press Slippers
I have been on a constant slipper quest for three years, but when I saw these I knew they were perfect. Cozy yet cute and a relatively simple knit. Every time I look at another pattern, my subconscious says slyly, how about a pair of French Press Slippers? Thing is, the download requires money and a credit card.

Cable Cardigan
Exactly the same as the out-of-print Must Have Cardigan from Patons, but with a different name. I am actually going to knit this one when I obtain the yarn through obscure and to-be-blooged blogged-about means (can that be a word now?). AKA unraveling an old sweater. (A pair of French Press Slippers would look great with that cardigan.....)

Apres Surf Hoodie
I saw this pattern on Knitted Bliss (known as the "reading hoodie" thereabouts) a while back and instantly fell in love. So feminine yet functional! (speaking of feminine and functional, what about those French Press Slippers?)
Le Slouch Deux
A perfect autumn hat that I love almost as much as the invariable French Press Slippers.....

Enough for now. There are more, you understand, but I needs some fuel for blog fodder when my brain won't cooperate. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to cast on some French Press Slippers.

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