Thursday, September 22, 2011

Close Encounters of the Skirt Kind

Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you that green sock the first is still not done and neither is the cabled scarf (and I want them both to be done so I can make myself a sweater). All this not-done-ness was starting to wear on me, so I thought....what's easy and fast?
Answer: Sewing!! Or better yet, cheater-sewing! It makes any decent sewer feel faint but it's quicker and also? I don't care if my hems are raggedy. I present to you....the cheater skirt.
(I forgot to take a before picture but know that it looks exactly like the after only with a black tank top on top)
All I did really was attack the dress with a seam ripper until I figured out that I was doing more harm than good, then I trotted downstairs and grabbed my scissors and hacked off the top part, then (sewers might want to sit down here) I left it ragged and freshly cut. It's ok, you can't see the ragged waistline until you're practically peering down my shirt (which nobody, I repeat NOBODY *glares at certain rapist friend* is allowed to do).
I didn't spend a lot of money at forever21, which in turn means that my skirt was not manufactured by soulless marketing people who stole it from different designers and forced sweatshop laborers in China to create it. The moral of the story is:

(button created by my secret weapon)

And now, the sucky pictures you've all been waiting for....

The carcass lies, freshly dead, amid piles of mail and random stuff. So this is where dresses go to die

Use your imagination here. A lot.

Newborn skirts aren't that great at taking pictures

Or striking sassy blogger poses

So there you have it. Skirt-o-rama. Enjoy!

Also--does anyone have a problem with wearing a slinky LBD and rainbow tights? Because that is what I may do tomorrow. If you think it would be horrible, speak up. If you think it would be mildly entertaining, then good. Entertainment is what these tights were brought into the world for.
<3 Maggie

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