Sunday, November 27, 2011

dear Jane,

If you are Jane you are not allowed to read this until tomorrow. I'm watching you.  You know what? Go ahead and read it. Get excited!

Do you remember that post way back in August? Well, guess what?


I finished your gloves. I knit them as we were driving through Arizona. Those gloves picked up a little Grand Canyon juju for you, some kitschy Meteor Crater magic, and they also saw a place called Terrible's Gas (I knew you would appreciate that). To model them I tried to replicate your famous poses, but you know nobody can model like you so I'll have to get a picture when I see you tomorrow.

 When I met you in seventh grade, I was afraid. When we were friends in eighth grade, can I admit something? I was actually still afraid because you are the total opposite of Miss Knee Length Skirt over here. Thanks for that. I can't imagine life without my hip, emo friend who can punk out a polo shirt, listen to music way too loud (don't you know that hurts your eardrums? I am ashamed of you, young lady), talk about the weirdest things until 3 a.m. and still get straight A's the next day. You are the Queen of Awesome.
Thanks for encouraging me to be just a little bit sassy.

Sassy yet?
Yarn: Lion Brand something-or-other I pilfered from knitting club. Pattern: Alice Wrist Warmers that I modified because my yarn was the wrong gauge and I wanted them shorter. That's right, your gloves are inspired by Twilight. 

Get out there and rule the world, you little hipster.
Love, Maggie

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