Saturday, August 27, 2011

Abysmally behind schedule

A small aside before I begin with the fun stuff: 
I know we've been hearing a lot about Hurricane Irene and its predicted destructive journey through New England. I have lots of family there and I'm really worried about them. I hope the hurricane doesn't hit them hard, but in the thoughts are with you guys. Love you all. 

An ad for the Cheetah Girls is playing as I write, so forgive me if this is a little incomprehensible. My brain is getting more scrambled than eggs.
I have fallen prey to something Yarn Harlot (she knows me not, but I hold her books in the highest regard for being both hilarious and about my favorite crafty subject....knitting) deems this phenomenon "IT". "IT" usually happens around Christmastime, but in this case it is birthday of a dear friend (you may remember her cupcakes) that has sent me into a knitting frenzy.
As her birthday appeared on the horizon I began to have the happy notion of "hmm, what shall I make her?" (my new tradition is for all of my gifts to be handmade if possible). I puttered around New Hampshire, pondering, but restricted computer access made it impossible to scoot around the Great Wide Internet looking for ideas and much as I love my knitting books they do not display the types of things said friend would actually wear. 
This friend is very hard to knit for. She is the opposite of preppy and therefore will not take cabled sweaters or otherwise offensively preppy items. She is not a fussy dresser and if you can find a speck of lace in her room I'll knit you a shawl. Socks are rendered moot by the irrational sock rules of my school (and she has rainbow socks already). Hats are questionable and must be discussed in great depth, which would probably ruin the surprise of the thing, and scarves require similar talks. 
So what was left? 
And then it dawned on me in a brilliant stroke of genius (unfortunately, her birthday was five days away). 
Now here I am, begging parents to take me to a yarn store--but not for my own personal gain*--with an idea that was supposed to be a birthday present by yesterday. When I see you on Monday, my sincere apologies in advance for receiving a skein of yarn for your birthday. You'll like it when it's finished. In a couple months. 
<3 Maggie

P.S. I've noticed that there has been a sad lack of pictures on this blog. Sorry about that. Finished things coming soon.

*Oh my god. I take that back. Joann's is having a 30% off sale on all their yarns. ALL of it. I'm serious. This opportunity is too good to miss. 

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