Friday, August 5, 2011

double trouble

Hi there everyone! This blog post is brought to you by the local library, who was kind enough to let me huddle in a corner with MY LAPTOP typing away for an hour. That's right, I said MY LAPTOP for I have been dancing around in dizzy circles for two weeks now throwing handfuls of rainbow confetti in the air* because I GOT A LAPTOP!!!!!!!!

Ok, deep breaths, moving on. The real reason I'm huddled in a corner is not to reveal my confetti-throwing habits, but because I've been knitting like crazy even though its freaking hot degrees outside and finished two scarves! My dad thinks I'm cuckoo and after amassing 8 balls of colorful yarn from a flea market and 4 more balls of yarn from Joann's for an upcoming project he has declared a ban on buying more yarn. This has caused me extreme pain and a side effect of  retreating to my room stroking the yarn like a pet chinchilla. Maybe I'm going a little crazy with this knitting stuff. Oh phooey, I've always been crazy.

Well. Allow me to distract you with pictures of the finished products.

This is my dad wearing the cowl scarf I made for him. I used Knit1Slip1's January Cowl pattern and it turned out super warm and cozy. A bit too warm and cozy for August, but he's going to forget about it until Christmas. 
Then I used a Maggie Pattern to make a similar version for my mom. Basically knit a scarf using stockinette stitch (which rolls like crazy!) until I could wrap it twice around my neck and join the ends, then I sewed it up, then I modeled it.
Allow me to say something in my defense. Some people have the magical gift of being photogenic. I am not one of those people. Try to take a picture of me and nine times out of ten I look ridiculous, grouchy, or like I'm on drugs. Exhibit A:
Outtake #1: I Didn't Touch The Brownies, I Swear

Outtake #2: "I Am The Walrus". But look how pretty the scarf is!

Outtake #3: Attempted the blogger head-down pose that so many fashion bloggers look adorable doing, and look constipated instead. 
Sigh. I can't win.

Gotta go, I've stretched the library goodwill to its breaking point. For all you non-knitters out there, I highly recommend trying it. It's easier than you think with the help of a good book or person and is the perfect plane distraction.

<3 Maggie

*this is how I express extreme happiness

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