Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Five Things To Do When You Are Bored

Hey guys! My brain is fresh out of blogging topics, and all of my knitting looks the same as it did last week, only....longer. So, I have devised a top ten list to keep your interest high. But first up, announcements:
  1. My awesome friend Ariella has started her own movie blog, and is slowly educating me in the ways of Fine Film. She is a veritable professor of cinema (and funny too), so all you cinephiles out there, I highly recommend giving it a read!
2. Today I tried to write in my stereotypical composition notebook and all I managed was the word "Pain" written loudly and dramatically across the page. I think I need more chocolate in my life.
3. "Pain" is officially the shortest poem I've ever written. What eloquence.
4. Yeah I don't have any more announcements, but I like making lists. So. Onto blog topic du jour!

Top Five Things To Do When You Are Bored
 1. Announce loudly to an adult in charge that you would like to be a platypus when you grow up.
 2. Greet an inanimate object. Hug it as if it is your old friend. Do this in public.
3. Start rapping about the Bible. (In the beginning there was Adam and Eve/they were naked but for their fig leaves/Adam ate an apple God had warned him about/So God got mad and kicked them both out) BAM.
4. Walk into a Starbucks and announce that you would like to purchase all of their straws.
5. Try to buy something from Saks Fifth Avenue and attempt to pay with your Wetzel's Pretzels Frequent Customer card. (I credit my friend for this one).

I'm fresh out of witty things to say now. This is your captain signing off.
<3 Maggie

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  1. Awww, thanks for mentioning me, Maggie darling! Your blog is flawless :)